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СVety Georgi - Kambanite is a gated residential complex consisting of 18 one and two-family houses built in one of the most promising and ecologically clean areas of the capital - the one of Kambanite. In order to achieve the maximum level of performance and quality of life in the concept of the complex are enshrined several basic principles: functionality and comfort, environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, location and high quality.


- Principle of functionality and comfort
In the overall design of the complex, maximum functionality of the layouts was sought. All the rooms have the correct shape with rational room sizes without unnecessary waste of volumes. The clear height in the living rooms is 3 meters giving additional space in the rooms. For the greater comfort of the users, the middle level is entered through the front entrance, from there a floor up to the bedrooms or a floor down to the hobby rooms and garages. All living rooms, bathrooms and toilets have underfloor heating. The houses have at least three bedrooms, the larger ones also have a separate study. All living rooms are designed to be on the same level as the courtyard - when the patio doors are open the living room and courtyard flow into one. For this purpose, an excellent vertical layout has been built, securing also the underground garages and the flat courtyards

- Principle of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency
In harmony with the ecological environment in which the complex is located, all the houses are built to contribute to the maximum preservation of the purity of nature at a minimum monthly maintenance cost. The heating and ventilation is with top class heat pumps, minimizing electricity consumption. Triple glazing, efficient window profile, 10 cm insulation and quality bricks from a prestigious manufacturer ensure maximum energy efficiency with minimum emissions for every building in the complex. The own water treatment plant and own borehole for irrigation needs ensure a truly high level of respect and respect for the environment. This is further enhanced by the fact that a tree has been planted at each house to be the godfather of the house - "The House with the Cedar", "The House with the Magnolia", "The House with the Lilac", etc.

- Regularity of location
In spite of the uniqueness of the surrounding nature Complex "St. George - The Bells" is a place for business people to live, so its location is designed to be in close proximity to the main business areas of Ring Road, Sofia Business Park and Tsarigradsko Shose. Sofia Airport is 15 minutes away and the city centre is 20 minutes away. Hemus and Trakia highways have almost direct access. On the other hand, the attractions of Pancharevsko Lake are available for sports lovers, and the slopes of Borovets are less than an hour away.

- Quality principle
Throughout the entire construction process, everything was always kept to the highest level - the best quality materials, the most proven brands, the most experienced contractors. The developer has made it a point to apply this principle at every level - from the waterproofing and drainage through the bricks and joinery to the roof structure and tiles - always with a focus on quality and attention to detail.

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St. George complex is located in the capital's Pancharevo district. The location of the complex provides both privacy and connectivity because it combines the beauty of nature with the convenience of modern logistics and infrastructure.

A few minutes away are Business Park Sofia, Simeonovo Cable Car, Sofia Airport and Sofia Dam. Iskar. The American College and the monument "The Bells" are located in this area.

A few minutes away from your home you will find the best educational facilities for your children, large business and retail parks, pharmacies, hospitals, shops, cinema.

The location of the complex offers all the advantages of a central urban area, but adds to them peace, quiet, pure nature and privacy.

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